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Mobile Development

We build iPhone and Android Apps. Talk to us more about your requirements.

Softricks Apps

  • Softricks iDig: App that makes DNS easier! (Currently NOT available in Apple's App Store)
  • Softricks GPSBag: App that lets you manage your favorite locations. (Coming soon to Apple's App Store)

Softricks iTunesXP

"Softricks iTunesXP" lets you export your playlists in iTunes to physical filesystem folders. This is a Java application that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux. iTunes organizes music in Artists and Albums hierarchy. Exporting this way will allow you to keep the same playlist organization even if you switch to some other mp3 player.

Download the First Release v1.0 now!

Popup Date Picker Calendar Script

Softricks Popup Date Picker Script

Our flagship product "Popup Date Picker Calendar script" has been widely accepted by the web community over the last few years. Our clients for this script include National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)-USA, Lockheed Martin-USA, Northrop Grumman-USA, Unilever-Germany, SAIC-USA, Intel-USA and many others.

Download the latest bugfix release v1.903 now!
(Released on 10/31/2006)

Coming soon! v2.0 with the long awaited optional Time Picker Component.


Softricks ClipboardX

Our NEW Windows product "ClipboardX" - initially developed for Windows XP/2000 (with .NET platform) - is a must-have for a Windows machine. This product seamlessly integrates with Windows to give you multiple clipboard buffers and even extends the ubiquitous keyboard shortcuts for copy/paste operations - Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V to include the buffer names from A-Z. So you could press Ctrl+C+D to copy contents in buffer 'D' for example and paste from that buffer using Ctrl+V+D!!!

(Released on 26th Nov 2004)

Softricks Date Calculator

The "Softricks Date calculator" lets you do complex date calculations. The release v0.1 of this product lets you find difference between two dates in terms of Years, Months, Weeks and Days. So you could get the difference between say, date d1 and d2 as 4 years, 3 months, 2 weeks and 2 days for example.

Try and get a sneak preview of Calendar v2.0 - a much sleeker and efficient version with that much awaited time picker functionality.. releasing soon!

Download the latest release v0.92 now!

Also available as a Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Widget Engine) module.

(Released on 11/07/2006)

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